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[FF] Lens of Life

first, i really am so sorry. my engrish was just so so T_T

but still, i hope this fanfiction entertain and you can enjoy the read ^-^

this fanfiction is for #INFINITE7SOUL1STGIVEAWAY and my tribute to Kim Myungsoo (L)..

hope you like it, inspirits~^-^*




Again. today I go to this gloomy school as I always have. Nothing less nothing more than just studying like anyone cares. I always ask this question to myself “what you want to be next?” and I still haven’t any clue about the answer. I attend every class well, scoring well, and not get to any negative case nor positive case as well. I’m just an ordinary high school student, my name is Kim Myungsoo.

Even just ordinary, I’m quiet popular among the girls. I don’t know why they always send me a letter and a gift such as chocolates, snacks and beverages. And someday, I found a camera on my drawer. I’m a little bit shock because it look really expensive one. I wondering whose this? Is it another gift for me or someone leave it coincidently. But after I ask all my friend in the class, no one claim the camera so I bought it to my home. How lucky me!

Nowadays I play to park that near to my home. Theres a dance club always practicing on weekend. They look really have fun and enjoying dance as I enjoy watching them. I bought my camera and take a picture of them. One man, with great movements catching my eyes, not forget get his solo picture. When their practice about to end, I go grab some lunch at new store that I always want to go. The smell of the meat really nice, the owner is really nice as well. Again, I took a picture of this new store, but someone distracted my object. Pshaw, he’s the owner’s son, well, I can’t angry about that.

Today is my last study tour, since it’s last semester I’ve to attend. We’ll visiting a lot of places, first we come to another school. I’m not really interest with how they get a lesson on the class so I take a round this school, with my camera. This school really great! They have a great park to play, rooftop as my school but bigger and somehow I hear WonderGirl’s Tell Me from one room. Wow! They’ve a practice room for dance too! Cool! Two girls one boy dancing passionately, I just smile look at them, awesome! When I go to canteen, I hear a loud voice. There’s another school that has some festival! I go nearer to that school and take some pictures. A rock band on stage, the vocalist eyes really small made me smile and laugh a lot. Sorry, he look funny but in good ways!

My phone ringing, time to go another place. We visiting a big company, SM Entertainment. Yup, one of the biggest entertainment industry on Korea. This time I put more interest because I get scold last time and I don’t want to have it again. As I thought, this company was great! A lot of trainee dancing and singing with their God talent expressing musics. And they all have a great bodies and faces. But I see a young and tall boy talking with himself. Oh! This is class trainee for drama! Again, they all have a great bodies and faces. After out from there I made my own conclusion, if I want to be a celebrity, I’ve to go to SM Entertainment but I must have great body and face.

Study tour done, I take a walk from my school to home. But.. CRASH! I bump to a young cute boy with a girl looked made my camera fall from my hands! The lens is broken but I’m sure the memory inside is safe. He look really guilty by it so I just calm him down and said “no, I’m okay, it’s okay, my mistake” even my palm getting harder and want mad so much! Oh his smile made me fluttered, he really look like a girl! But I regret it after I’m home.

As expected, the memory safe. I can put in my computer to check how was my pictures taken. Calling out memories, a lot of beautiful places I’ve ever been. But, I found something odd. All my pictures is nature scenery, a bunch of people but how come I just get these 6, 6?!! Wait, it’s really odd!! I’ve never took his picture!! The young cute boy a while ago!! My camera was broken but.. how can???

I calming myself down little by little but I getting more dumbfounded!! How can this be? My selca just one whereas I took a lot of pictures with my friends after that?! Where’s the pictures? And how can this young cute boy been here on frame?! And solo pictures just mine, this great movements dancing boy, the owner’s meat restaurant son, the wondergirl’s boy, a vocalist rock band with his small eyes, boy drama trainee at SME and this?! Ohh, I get a goosebump!!!

I need a fresh air. I guess I’ve been thinking too much for pass exam to be a good graduate but I come to this oddness. Well, to make sure I go to print shop to make the photos more clearer. One by one photo out from the printer, made me full of curious. Since I took a lot of pictures, printing them take a little long time, and made me irritated! Grab some ice cream for calming down, and it really does. Three ice cream pieces I’ve eat and finally all photos done. Little bit expensive to printed it all but I think its worth to found out my anxious. And…

Oh my God. It really is… More I look more wider my mouth open. I lined up these seven photos but end shake on head. Outrageous! How can this be? Is it a fate? What? I don’t even know their name! Bewildered me get in my room, and search the camera. Wait. When I leaving the camera on my desk, but where is it now? As fast as possible I’m calling all my family member at home in case they see my camera but no one even know I’ve a camera.. what??

Again, searching at the print shop before but he say “you just come with memory external and I don’t see your camera ever!” pshaw~ I don’t know again where I’ve to search. Oh! The memory! Get in room once again but.. the memory was gone. Astonish! The photos still here but the camera with memory was gone!! And the pictures was taken its even more odd! I guess I had a supernatural things. Shit happens in life and now I believed that.

“Myungsoo-yaaaa…. L!!! L!!! Aigoo… Myungsooo-yaaa…!!!!”

I get slap on my face. And I see woohyun, hoya, dongwoo, sunggyu, seongyeol and sungjong engirdle me. This faces look like I see before!! Yess!! At my odd pictures!! Who are they??

“Myungsoo-yaaa, its time to go on schedule! Always sleep at time like this, can’t you pull yourself together right now?” seongyeol waving his hand in front of my face

“I guess he dream about something fishy, aren’t you? Hahahahaha” hoya point a finger at me with his adorable annoying smile

Wait, I recognize them. They are my team!! Oh my God!! I get a dream about them!! INFINITE!!

“aahh, aahh… I’m sorry.. too tired to accomplished my concept viewtiful part 2.. I can’t pull myself together faster, I’ve an odd dream”

“what are you dream about? Tell us!” sungjong ask passionately

“about you guys..” I’m embarrassed as they do

“nhahahahahaha~ you really loving us don’t you?” while ask dongwoo slap my butt and just get my smile

“I really love you guys.. and woohyun-hyung.. I admit that we are here because it’s fate.” Woohyun nod his head and up his thumb proud to hear my words

“nah, let’s go. We have to work like fury. We have to face world tour concert soon and now time to practice! Fighting!!” sunggyu always cheering us and act as a leader should has.

I’m  not regret that just a dream. INFINITE is my family, my friends, my team, my loves, my fate and my all. I guess that dream is some lens of my life to take me more grateful as who am I now and take INFINITE more precious as a team. Odd things happens, shit happens too but because I’m together with the members and since we are always together 24/7, it’s such a relieve. I will always be me, whenever and wherever. I’m still, Kim Myungsoo.


First time i queue at “fasttrack” line at MEIS main lobby. And the queue really natty and orderly. Theres no mess and fuss, all in controled. *great job synergism ^^
Then when fasttrack gate opened, all still in control, one by one queue in front of door stage. We only can get in at 7pm. Wooya, i’m at outer left festival together with my 2 friends, arie and suci.
When get in, infinite’s MV was played. All who get in really excited and fanchant-ing even that only videos >_<
Around 8pm while destiny’s MV was played, the lamp turn off and the stage full of lighting~ vcr time, telling that music was gone and infinite is dead. then dancers with red lightstick come out perform opening dance. Then infinite on jail. Destiny time~ i cant see so much here because at where i stand theres someone always pushing me to back ㅠㅠ *kinda hurt moment
But when next song i can see clearly their face, movement, body right from hair til their foot. Theyre really perfection!!!!!
For first 3 song they always in main stage and that pretty far from where i stand but okay because i still can see :p and my breath stopping when paradise rhey open their vest and shirt so they perform only with tanktop XDDD sooooo sexy and waaaaaawwwww
Talking time~ they introduce theirself with Bahasa, such a great great manner~!!! *i forgot the sequence but this they really told:
“Selamat malam~ saya sunggyu dari infinite!”
“Saya hoya dari infinite!”
“Saya dongwoo dari infinite! Yeeiiyy!!! Aku senang~~”
“Saya woohyun dari infinite!”
“Saya seongyeol dari infinite!! Aku cinta kalian!!!”
“Saya sungjoong dari infinite!!”
“Saya L dari infinite!!! Kalian mantap!!”
They speak bahasa very well~!!!>< with their charming face and voice i cant even stop to scream.
After that they singing again, wings. This time they walk to the front stage, which is right in front of me. Then Hoya come on my side and start peeped and look to me kyaaaaa >_<
Then inception time. This performing really a tease!!!! They really play the chair very well!! I cant even stop staring at seongyeol, he was damn gorjas!!
Talking time again. And they speak engrish!!! Even the text was in monitor front of them, they still speak any of it so sincere and quite well.
Gyu said “its great to see our friends at our concert. How about you guys?!” Then fans all screaming “at back, are you okay?” All fans say yeaaahh “how about front? *with his charming eyesmile*” fans say yeah too “hahaha, ya, thank you”
Hoya tease with his “yea yea yeaah”
Jong said “how about the second floor?” Fans screaming again
Yeol said “how about all at the floor? Make some noise!” Kyaaaaa
L said “inspirit its great to see you guys, youre the best!! *then he smile and shrugging his shoulder lemme die*
Hoya said “okay, for our concert do you know how it get start? What? What? Yeah, infinite and inspirit~!! Woohooo”
Dongwoo said “yeah, you guys are the best! I dance jakarta in this special night!! Yeaahh *then he dancing with his style XDD and said terima kasih”
The hoya said again “dongwoo ya, dongwoo youre right~!! I like jakarta even more now~ *then he staring at other* seongyeol, you agree with me?”
Yeol said “ofcourse~ (smiling)” X))
Then namu talking with korean and i dunno what he talking about =_=
Then yeol said “woohyun, a, woohyun, anda memakai bahasa korea ya? Tidak boleh” HE TALKING WITH BAHASA AND VERY GORJAS!!!! He said “you speak in korean? Its not allowed” HOGOD.
Then they keep talking with bahasa. And i’m so proud to be Indonesian :’)
One sentence i always remember and hoya’s voice still on my ears. He said in bahasa “hari ini adalah hari terbaik dalam hidup saya” which means today is the best day ever on my life.. :’)
Then can u smile and they dancing!! Sungjong dancing in front of my eyes and keeping eye contact with someone’s camera. And u know what? He really is a man!!! He is soooooo handsome in person!!
Continued with 너에게 간다. They singing with standmic and dongwoo front us. He is soo handsome!!! Really!! He looks different from his picture! He more handsome in person!!! Soo handsome and i cant stop staring at him!!!><
Then i between sungjong and sunggyu. Sunggyu keep my eyes because his charming eyes and smile ><
Then their solo stage. Yeoljong with their 1/3 dj-ing remix XDD
Cute yeol always keep his hands up, so long too be seen!! XDD
Then H come. When they sing special girl was really like they sing it to me!!! Hahahahahah such a great song!!!
Then the MV (i forgot the title) but its explain that infinite also a man!!! And they human too!! They have desire when see a sexy girl lol
That summer. Singing while sit and hoya keep staring ar my phone. Dunno why but i feel like he denuding me >_< his stare hogod i cant explain!!! Continued with i like you. They throwing a bunh of teddy bear. First, yeol walk towards us, but i cant keep his teddy 😦 then i say “gyu, 여기~!!!” But the pne come to us is HOYA!!!! He touch it first then throwing the bear from the basket. A lot. And i got the blue one :’)
Feel like after denuding by him i got pregnant and got a teddy boy because of it XDDD
Then L with his guitar like you love you. The big teddy bear accompanying him. And when teddy’s hand kept by L, fans scream. And he kiss ted’s forehead and aink his head on ted’s head soooooo cuttteee ><
Then woohyun. With cute dance he singing and i really am feel betrayed when he aend the bouquet and ring to someone across me. Not envy too much but i really felt betrayed. Lol
Then gyu stage. I really am love in this 60sec version. With his style, this song was really nice to be heared and watched..
Talking time.. They teasing one and other by their solo stage XDDD
And they still talk in engrish.
Woohyun complimenting all solo stage “beautiful… Ohh.. Beautiful.. Handsome.. Oh you, handsome guy!! Youre handsome guy!!! *point at yeol*”
Yeol said “i know~!! I am handsome guy. I know.” LOL
Woohyun say again “youre DJ yeol~ *then pointing sungjong* you DJ jong~!” =_=
Jong said “how was our performances? Inspirit H special girl always the best~!!!”
Then yeol and hoya said “inspirit H no, infinite H hahahah *then jong clarified it LOL
Then they make us singing together with them by H’s chorus I N F I N I T E!!!! (The koreans i dont too remember xp)
Then they start tease L by sing Lim’s song “kim myungsoo, alright? Kim myungsoo alright?” LOL
Then they complimenting gyu’s stage and keep talking at engrish. And they said they have another gift. So they start singing “rainbow” a child song at Indonesia XDDD
Fans singing along together and after that done, yeol and woohyun cant stop singing XDD they really like the song i guess~~
Then when he stopped by other member, he keep sing the last part of the song. Then hoya cone to the front and calling him and do the punch punishment as always LOL i see it on live version!!!!! XDDD
And i dont even think HOYA ENGRISH SO GORJAS AND WELL~!!
Mom’s stage. This stage really makes me think about my mother and make me cry. Okay, they got me. Their child picture i dont really realizing the face LOL but the last one, hoya’s child face with his mother come out all fans scream HOYAAAAA XDD his child picture really cute!!!
Continued by still miss you, nothings over and 맡겨 stage~ all i can remember is yeol stand infront of us and wore ironman’s mask XDDD
Sungjong and L doing aegyo in front of us too!!! By make a pose such a pleasure to see live!!!
Cover girl stage~ yeol’s rap really great!!!! Hearing on live really eargasm hahaha
Shes back, be mine and BTD stage such a powerful stage i ever watch!! Their scorpino dance really cool!!! And perfect!!!
At last talk time i remember that dongwoo say “youre so gorgeous~ we’re gorgeous right?” And i remember sj’s eunhyuk at that time yeaaahh~ nice weather i said LOL
And yeol say he will take us to the end of the world hahahahah XDD
And woohyun make a promise with us then they’ll come again to indonesia and we’ll wait for it :’)
Dorawa stage comes to end. I remember they really innocent back then. And i still see that from them now. But the funniest thing at dorawa’s stage is i keep my eyes on gyu and he really exhausted XD his movement just like nah nah nah XDD cute!
Yeoljong’s cake appear~ yeol cry at the same time, he told that he was greatful and happy to be here~ and make prank to jong by saying jong have to say thank you too because day after tomorow is his birthday and a lot project to his birthday.. When jong bowing, yeol push his head towards the cake but jong know his innitiative LOL
Failed by that, yeol not give up, he take some cream and stroking jong’s face make jong’s face brown LOL
But jong take revenge immediately.
Then they sing pelangi again XDD
Last stage… ㅠㅠ
Yeol’s voice cone first and cracked. He is crying. And gyu was cry too.. Dongwoo too.. They keep say thank you and they really bowing 90 degree deeply and sincerely. They really are a great idol i’ve ever love!!
They’re so kind and lovely~ and i really happy and satisfied with their great performance :’)
This concert i wont forget ever. The teddy bear i also named 호애기.. Because he is hoya’s child LOL
Thank you infinite, i’ll always love you forever…❤❤❤❤❤❤❤





A. Latar Belakang

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Kolesterol merupakan unsur makanan yang banyak dijumpai dalam bahan makanan sehari-hari yang berasal dari tumbuhan maupun dari produk hewan. Kadar kolesterol dalam setiap jenis bahan makanan khususnya yang berasal dari produk hewan bervariasi tergantung jenis dan macam produk hewan. Kandungan kadar kolesterol pada setiap bagian tubuh hewan berbeda, ada  bagian yang sangat banyak mengandung kolesterol dan bagian lain sebaliknya. Sebagai  contoh pada otak, hati dan kuning telur memiliki kadar kolesterol yang sangat tinggi. Kolesterol secara fisiologi penting bagi tubuh, karena merupakan bahan untuk membangun membran…

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Metode Ekstraksi


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After the Rain. (part1)

hi fellas~ here some story from my dear friend, yoomi. She’s in love with Tasty (new comer duo group from Woollim Entertainment) and wrote some fan fiction story about them. please enjoy the story and give a comment to her as well 🙂





Here i am. Sitting all alone under a big tree in the park near my campus. It’s actually side to side with the basket ball field, so i can watch the game from my spot. I’ve always been here to wait for Yanne, my friend, or just to have some quite time while reading a book until I fall asleep.
And just like everyday, there’s a bunch of male students playing basket ball. A lot of girls jumped from the side while watching the boys.

“Soryong oppa ! Fighting !” The girls scream out.
I rolled my eyes. ‘Why so loud? They ruin my peace !’

I tried to concentrate with my book, but the crowds getting louder and louder. I took a glance to the field, ‘Oh, today is the big match, i guess’

Then i decided to wait for my friend at the coffee shop. I will get more silence and peace time there. I put my stuff together in my backpack. When i was about to leave my spot, i saw a guy walking out of the field. His head hung low. Wiping the sweat at the back of his neck. ‘Oh, the game is actually over.’
Without me noticing, i looked at him from head to toe. ‘So tall, dark brown hair, well-build body, and…’ suddenly, the guy looked up and accidently looked back at me. ‘Another good looking guy’
The guy gave me a smile. i snapped back to my sense and without giving him any response, i walked away. Left him dumbfounded.

Soryong’s POV

Again. Our team won the game. Today is the big match. That’s why the crowd were loud and most of them are female. I can see how Daeryong’s eyes lit up when girls shouting his name.

I don’t know why but, my eyes kept scanning the crowd. ‘Where is she?’ I kept asking it to myself.

Yes, i was looking for someone. A girl to be exact. I’ve been seeing her lately. I always see her walking to the park not too far from here. She’s always there. Sitting all alone under the big tree not bother to watch the game. I don’t know her name nor her faculty. Something in her gets me so curious.

I’m starting to get annoyed by the girls voices. Clinging to my teammates, even me. I tried to escape from the crowd. I walked to the park. To the big tree.

I walked while looking at the ground, wiping sweat at the back of my neck. Then, i looked up. To my surprise, i saw her. Staring at me with the look that i can’t explain. I smiled.

Like something hit her, she blinked her eyes and before i can ask her name, she’s abruptly walked away.

Dissapointed. I just walked to the big tree and laid down but, i stopped when i saw something. A card. ID card with a name. KIM YOOMI.

‘so, it’s her name.’ I smiled. Again.