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Again. today I go to this gloomy school as I always have. Nothing less nothing more than just studying like anyone cares. I always ask this question to myself “what you want to be next?” and I still haven’t any clue about the answer. I attend every class well, scoring well, and not get to any negative case nor positive case as well. I’m just an ordinary high school student, my name is Kim Myungsoo.

Even just ordinary, I’m quiet popular among the girls. I don’t know why they always send me a letter and a gift such as chocolates, snacks and beverages. And someday, I found a camera on my drawer. I’m a little bit shock because it look really expensive one. I wondering whose this? Is it another gift for me or someone leave it coincidently. But after I ask all my friend in the class, no one claim the camera so I bought it to my home. How lucky me!

Nowadays I play to park that near to my home. Theres a dance club always practicing on weekend. They look really have fun and enjoying dance as I enjoy watching them. I bought my camera and take a picture of them. One man, with great movements catching my eyes, not forget get his solo picture. When their practice about to end, I go grab some lunch at new store that I always want to go. The smell of the meat really nice, the owner is really nice as well. Again, I took a picture of this new store, but someone distracted my object. Pshaw, he’s the owner’s son, well, I can’t angry about that.

Today is my last study tour, since it’s last semester I’ve to attend. We’ll visiting a lot of places, first we come to another school. I’m not really interest with how they get a lesson on the class so I take a round this school, with my camera. This school really great! They have a great park to play, rooftop as my school but bigger and somehow I hear WonderGirl’s Tell Me from one room. Wow! They’ve a practice room for dance too! Cool! Two girls one boy dancing passionately, I just smile look at them, awesome! When I go to canteen, I hear a loud voice. There’s another school that has some festival! I go nearer to that school and take some pictures. A rock band on stage, the vocalist eyes really small made me smile and laugh a lot. Sorry, he look funny but in good ways!

My phone ringing, time to go another place. We visiting a big company, SM Entertainment. Yup, one of the biggest entertainment industry on Korea. This time I put more interest because I get scold last time and I don’t want to have it again. As I thought, this company was great! A lot of trainee dancing and singing with their God talent expressing musics. And they all have a great bodies and faces. But I see a young and tall boy talking with himself. Oh! This is class trainee for drama! Again, they all have a great bodies and faces. After out from there I made my own conclusion, if I want to be a celebrity, I’ve to go to SM Entertainment but I must have great body and face.

Study tour done, I take a walk from my school to home. But.. CRASH! I bump to a young cute boy with a girl looked made my camera fall from my hands! The lens is broken but I’m sure the memory inside is safe. He look really guilty by it so I just calm him down and said “no, I’m okay, it’s okay, my mistake” even my palm getting harder and want mad so much! Oh his smile made me fluttered, he really look like a girl! But I regret it after I’m home.

As expected, the memory safe. I can put in my computer to check how was my pictures taken. Calling out memories, a lot of beautiful places I’ve ever been. But, I found something odd. All my pictures is nature scenery, a bunch of people but how come I just get these 6, 6?!! Wait, it’s really odd!! I’ve never took his picture!! The young cute boy a while ago!! My camera was broken but.. how can???

I calming myself down little by little but I getting more dumbfounded!! How can this be? My selca just one whereas I took a lot of pictures with my friends after that?! Where’s the pictures? And how can this young cute boy been here on frame?! And solo pictures just mine, this great movements dancing boy, the owner’s meat restaurant son, the wondergirl’s boy, a vocalist rock band with his small eyes, boy drama trainee at SME and this?! Ohh, I get a goosebump!!!

I need a fresh air. I guess I’ve been thinking too much for pass exam to be a good graduate but I come to this oddness. Well, to make sure I go to print shop to make the photos more clearer. One by one photo out from the printer, made me full of curious. Since I took a lot of pictures, printing them take a little long time, and made me irritated! Grab some ice cream for calming down, and it really does. Three ice cream pieces I’ve eat and finally all photos done. Little bit expensive to printed it all but I think its worth to found out my anxious. And…

Oh my God. It really is… More I look more wider my mouth open. I lined up these seven photos but end shake on head. Outrageous! How can this be? Is it a fate? What? I don’t even know their name! Bewildered me get in my room, and search the camera. Wait. When I leaving the camera on my desk, but where is it now? As fast as possible I’m calling all my family member at home in case they see my camera but no one even know I’ve a camera.. what??

Again, searching at the print shop before but he say “you just come with memory external and I don’t see your camera ever!” pshaw~ I don’t know again where I’ve to search. Oh! The memory! Get in room once again but.. the memory was gone. Astonish! The photos still here but the camera with memory was gone!! And the pictures was taken its even more odd! I guess I had a supernatural things. Shit happens in life and now I believed that.

“Myungsoo-yaaaa…. L!!! L!!! Aigoo… Myungsooo-yaaa…!!!!”

I get slap on my face. And I see woohyun, hoya, dongwoo, sunggyu, seongyeol and sungjong engirdle me. This faces look like I see before!! Yess!! At my odd pictures!! Who are they??

“Myungsoo-yaaa, its time to go on schedule! Always sleep at time like this, can’t you pull yourself together right now?” seongyeol waving his hand in front of my face

“I guess he dream about something fishy, aren’t you? Hahahahaha” hoya point a finger at me with his adorable annoying smile

Wait, I recognize them. They are my team!! Oh my God!! I get a dream about them!! INFINITE!!

“aahh, aahh… I’m sorry.. too tired to accomplished my concept viewtiful part 2.. I can’t pull myself together faster, I’ve an odd dream”

“what are you dream about? Tell us!” sungjong ask passionately

“about you guys..” I’m embarrassed as they do

“nhahahahahaha~ you really loving us don’t you?” while ask dongwoo slap my butt and just get my smile

“I really love you guys.. and woohyun-hyung.. I admit that we are here because it’s fate.” Woohyun nod his head and up his thumb proud to hear my words

“nah, let’s go. We have to work like fury. We have to face world tour concert soon and now time to practice! Fighting!!” sunggyu always cheering us and act as a leader should has.

I’m  not regret that just a dream. INFINITE is my family, my friends, my team, my loves, my fate and my all. I guess that dream is some lens of my life to take me more grateful as who am I now and take INFINITE more precious as a team. Odd things happens, shit happens too but because I’m together with the members and since we are always together 24/7, it’s such a relieve. I will always be me, whenever and wherever. I’m still, Kim Myungsoo.