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hi fellas~ here some story from my dear friend, yoomi. She’s in love with Tasty (new comer duo group from Woollim Entertainment) and wrote some fan fiction story about them. please enjoy the story and give a comment to her as well 🙂





Here i am. Sitting all alone under a big tree in the park near my campus. It’s actually side to side with the basket ball field, so i can watch the game from my spot. I’ve always been here to wait for Yanne, my friend, or just to have some quite time while reading a book until I fall asleep.
And just like everyday, there’s a bunch of male students playing basket ball. A lot of girls jumped from the side while watching the boys.

“Soryong oppa ! Fighting !” The girls scream out.
I rolled my eyes. ‘Why so loud? They ruin my peace !’

I tried to concentrate with my book, but the crowds getting louder and louder. I took a glance to the field, ‘Oh, today is the big match, i guess’

Then i decided to wait for my friend at the coffee shop. I will get more silence and peace time there. I put my stuff together in my backpack. When i was about to leave my spot, i saw a guy walking out of the field. His head hung low. Wiping the sweat at the back of his neck. ‘Oh, the game is actually over.’
Without me noticing, i looked at him from head to toe. ‘So tall, dark brown hair, well-build body, and…’ suddenly, the guy looked up and accidently looked back at me. ‘Another good looking guy’
The guy gave me a smile. i snapped back to my sense and without giving him any response, i walked away. Left him dumbfounded.

Soryong’s POV

Again. Our team won the game. Today is the big match. That’s why the crowd were loud and most of them are female. I can see how Daeryong’s eyes lit up when girls shouting his name.

I don’t know why but, my eyes kept scanning the crowd. ‘Where is she?’ I kept asking it to myself.

Yes, i was looking for someone. A girl to be exact. I’ve been seeing her lately. I always see her walking to the park not too far from here. She’s always there. Sitting all alone under the big tree not bother to watch the game. I don’t know her name nor her faculty. Something in her gets me so curious.

I’m starting to get annoyed by the girls voices. Clinging to my teammates, even me. I tried to escape from the crowd. I walked to the park. To the big tree.

I walked while looking at the ground, wiping sweat at the back of my neck. Then, i looked up. To my surprise, i saw her. Staring at me with the look that i can’t explain. I smiled.

Like something hit her, she blinked her eyes and before i can ask her name, she’s abruptly walked away.

Dissapointed. I just walked to the big tree and laid down but, i stopped when i saw something. A card. ID card with a name. KIM YOOMI.

‘so, it’s her name.’ I smiled. Again.


Cast : Soryong, Daeryong, Yoomi.. (other will be reveal in every chap)

Foreword :

It’s raining. You know that i always hate being alone in a rainy day. And I always remember how you made me think that it can be very fun if it rains.

“Hey, what’s with that face?” He asked,poke my nose.

I kept on staring outside the window and he followed my gaze to the window. “Ahh, the rains ruined your mood.”

I nodded.

He wraped his arm around my shoulder and leaned closer to my ear, “let’s play some game then. Maybe it can help you gaining your mood”.

I moved my gaze to him and he winked at me and smiled cheekily.

“Tch. What are you thinking now? What kind of game you want me to play?”

He pulled me closer and hugged me tightly, “Let’s play truth or dare”.

“So you can take any advantage on me?” i bite his shoulder lightly.

He laughed in my hair. ” i won’t, i promise”, he kissed my hair.

after all,we played the game. As always he won and he force me to cook for him.

At other times, when the rain fell heavily he would ask me to dance with him even though he knew that I’m not good at dancing.

it turned out to be your presence that made me happy even in a stormy day. And all the memories i had with you makes me unable to forget you. I miss you.

I can’t move on. I just can’t.